• Datafile Name: AcornsDownload .TXT file
  • Datafile Subject: Biology,
  • Story names: Acorn Size Oak Distribution,
  • Reference: Aizen and Patterson. (1990). Journal of Biogeography, volume 17, p. 327-332.
  • Authorization: contact authors
  • Description: Interest lies is the relationship between the size of the acorn and the geographic range of the oak tree species. Note that the Quercus tomentella Engelm species in the California region grows only on the Channel Islands (total area 1014 sq. km) and the island of Guadalupe (total area 265 sq. km). All other species grow on the Continental United States.
  • Number of Cases 39
  • Variable Names:
    1. Species: Latin name of the species
    2. Region: Atlantic or California region
    3. Range: The geographic area covered by the species in km2x100
    4. Acorn_size: Acorn size (cm3)
    5. Tree_height: Tree Height (m)

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