• Datafile Name: Time SeriesDownload .TXT file
  • Datafile Subject: Sports, Medical, Miscellaneous, Government,
  • Story names: Time Series,
  • Reference: J.W. Markham and P.V. Teplitz, Baseball Economics and Public Policy, Lexington Books, 1981, pp 70-72. (for GATE below) G.V. Glass, V.L. Wilson, and J.M. Gottman, Design and Analysis of Time Series Experiments, Colorado Associated University Press, 1975. (for TALK and BURG below)
  • Authorization: free use
  • Description: Four examples are included of time series observations in which an intervention, or change of circumstances, occurs at some point in the series.
  • Number of Cases 57
  • Variable Names:
    1. BP: Monthly blood pressure (diastolic) readings for a patient
    2. T1: 0 Before medication 1 After medication
    3. GATE: Attendance (thousands) at San Francisco Giants baseball games in 1958 to 1967 seasons and Giants plus Oakland A's attendance in 1968 to 1978 seasons.
    4. T2: 0 Before A's moved to Oakland 1 After A's moved to Oakland
    5. TALK: Daily number of student disruptions in an education class
    6. T3: 0 Before remedial interventions 1 After remedial interventions
    7. BURG: Monthly burglaries in HYde Park area of Chicago
    8. T4: 0 Before citizen-police program 1 After citizen-police program

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