• Datafile Name: TV Ad YieldsDownload .TXT file
  • Datafile Subject: Consumer, Economics,
  • Story names: TV Ad Yields,
  • Reference: Wall Street Journal, March 1, 1984
  • Authorization: free use
  • Description: This data appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The advertisement were selected by an annual survey conducted by Video Board Tests, Inc., a New York ad-testing company, based on interviews with 20,000 adults who were asked to name the most outstanding TV commercial they had seen, noticed, and liked. The retained impressions were based on a survey of 4,000 adults, in which regular product users were asked to cite a commercial they had seen for that product category in the past week.
  • Number of Cases 21
  • Variable Names:
    1. FIRM: Firm name
    2. SPEND: TV advertising budget, 1983 ($ millions)
    3. MILIMP: Millions of retained impressions per week

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