• Datafile Name: BirthratesDownload .TXT file
  • Datafile Subject: Biology, Demography,
  • Story names: Birth Rates,
  • Reference: P.K. Whelpton and A. A. Campbell, "Fertility Tables for Birth Charts of American Women," Vital StatisticsĂ‘Special Reports 51, no. 1. (Washington D.C.:Government Printing Office, 1960, years 1917-1975). National Center for Health Statistics, Vital Statistics of the United States Vol. 1, Natality (Washington D.C.:Government Printing Office, yearly, 1958-1975).

    Source: Velleman, P. F. and Hoaglin, D. C. (1981). Applications, Basics, and Computing of Exploratory Data Analysis. Belmont. CA: Wadsworth, Inc.

  • Authorization: free use
  • Description: Births per 10,000 23-year-old women in the United States from 1917-1975.
  • Number of Cases 59
  • Variable Names:
    1. Birthrate: Births per 10,000 23-year-old women in the US from 1917-1975
    2. Year: The year

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