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  • Datafile Subject: Medical,
  • Story names: Brain Size and Intelligence,
  • Reference: Willerman, L., Schultz, R., Rutledge, J. N., and Bigler, E. (1991), "In Vivo Brain Size and Intelligence," Intelligence, 15, 223-228.
  • Authorization: Contact authors
  • Description: Willerman et al. (1991) collected a sample of 40 right-handed Anglo introductory psychology students at a large southwestern university. Subjects took four subtests (Vocabulary, Similarities, Block Design, and Picture Completion) of the Wechsler (1981) Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised. The researchers used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to determine the brain size of the subjects. Information about gender and body size (height and weight) are also included. The researchers withheld the weights of two subjects and the height of one subject for reasons of confidentiality.
  • Number of Cases 40
  • Variable Names:
    1. Gender: Male or Female
    2. FSIQ: Full Scale IQ scores based on the four Wechsler (1981) subtests
    3. VIQ: Verbal IQ scores based on the four Wechsler (1981) subtests
    4. PIQ: Performance IQ scores based on the four Wechsler (1981) subtests
    5. Weight: body weight in pounds
    6. Height: height in inches
    7. MRI_Count: total pixel Count from the 18 MRI scans

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