• Datafile Name: CalciumDownload .TXT file
  • Datafile Subject: Health, Medical,
  • Story names: Calcium and Blood Pressure,
  • Reference: Moore, David S., and George P. McCabe (1989). Introduction to the Practice of Statistics. Original source: Lyle, Roseann M., et al., "Blood pressure and metabolic effects of calcium supplementation in normotensive white and black men," JAMA, 257(1987), pp. 1772-1776,
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  • Description: Results of a randomized comparative experiment to investigate the effect of calcium on blood pressure in African-American men. A treatment group of 10 men received a calcium supplement for 12 weeks, and a control group of 11 men received a placebo during the same period. All subjects had their blood pressure tested before and after the 12-week period.
  • Number of Cases 21
  • Variable Names:
    1. Treatment: Whether subject received calcium or placebo
    2. Begin: seated systolic blood pressure before treatment
    3. End: seated systolic blood pressure after treatement
    4. Decrease: Decrease in blood pressure (Begin - End)

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