• Datafile Name: CarsDownload .TXT file
  • Datafile Subject: Automotive, Consumer, Engineering, Environment,
  • Story names: Clustering Cars, Fuel Efficient Buick Wagon, Measuring Fuel Efficiency,
  • Reference: Henderson, H. V. and Velleman, P. F. (1981), "Building Regression Models Interactively." Biometrics, 37, 391-411. Data originally collected from Consumer Reports.
  • Authorization: Contact Consumer Reports
  • Description: Measurements on 38 1978-79 model automobiles. The gas mileage in miles per gallon as measured by Consumers' Union on a test track. Other values as reported by automobile manufacturer.
  • Number of Cases 38
  • Variable Names:
    1. Country: Nationality of manufacturer (eg. U.S., Japan)
    2. Car: Car name (Make and model)
    3. MPG: Miles per gallon, a measure of gas mileage
    4. Drive_Ratio: Drive ratio of the automobile
    5. Horsepower: Horsepower
    6. Displacement: Displacement of the car (in cubic inches)
    7. Cylinder: Number of cylinders

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