• Datafile Name: DRP ScoresDownload .TXT file
  • Datafile Subject: Education, Social Science,
  • Story names: Improving Reading Ability,
  • Reference: Moore, David S., and George P. McCabe (1989). Introduction to the Practice of Statistics. Original source: Schmitt, Maribeth C., The Effects on an Elaborated Directed Reading Activity on the Metacomprehension Skills of Third Graders, Ph.D. dissertaion, Purdue University, 1987.
  • Authorization: contact authors
  • Description: Results of an experiment to test whether directed reading activities in the classroom help elementary school students improve aspects of their reading ability. A treatment class of 21 third-grade students participated in these activities for eight weeks, and a control class of 23 third-graders followed the same curriculum without the activities. After the eight-week period, students in both classes took a Degree of Reading Power (DRP) test which measures the aspects of reading ability that the treatment is designed to improve.
  • Number of Cases 44
  • Variable Names:
    1. Treatment: Whether student participated in activities (treated) or not (control)
    2. Response: Score on Degree of Reading Power test

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