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  • Datafile Subject: Psychology, Social Science,
  • Story names: Students' Goals, What Makes Kids Popular,
  • Reference: Chase, M. A., and Dummer, G. M. (1992), "The Role of Sports as a Social Determinant for Children," Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 63, 418-424
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  • Description: Subjects were students in grades 4-6 from three school districts in Ingham and Clinton Counties, Michigan. Chase and Dummer stratified their sample, selecting students from urban, suburban, and rural school districts with approximately 1/3 of their sample coming from each district. Students indicated whether good grades, athletic ability, or popularity was most important to them. They also ranked four factors: grades, sports, looks, and money, in order of their importance for popularity. The questionnaire also asked for gender, grade level, and other demographic information.
  • Number of Cases 478
  • Variable Names:
    1. Gender: Boy or girl
    2. Grade: 4, 5 or 6
    3. Age: Age in years
    4. Race: White, Other
    5. Urban/Rural: Rural, Suburban, or Urban school district
    6. School: Brentwood Elementary, Brentwood Middle, Ridge, Sand, Eureka, Brown, Main, Portage, Westdale Middle
    7. Goals: Student's choice in the personal goals question where options were 1 = Make Good Grades, 2 = Be Popular, 3 = Be Good in Sports
    8. Grades: Rank of "make good grades" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important)
    9. Sports: Rank of "being good at sports" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important)
    10. Looks: Rank of "being handsome or pretty" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important)
    11. Money: Rank of "having lots of money" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important)

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