• Datafile Name: ProteinDownload .TXT file
  • Datafile Subject: Europe, Health, Nutrition,
  • Story names: Protein Consumption in Europe,
  • Reference: Weber, A. (1973) Agrarpolitik im Spannungsfeld der internationalen Ernaehrungspolitik, Institut fuer Agrarpolitik und marktlehre, Kiel. Also found in: Gabriel, K.R. (1981) Biplot display of multivariate matrices for inspection of data and diagnosis. In Interpreting Multivariate Data (Ed. V. Barnett), New York: John Wiley & Sons, 147-173. Hand, D.J., et al. (1994) A Handbook of Small Data Sets, London: Chapman & Hall, 297-298.
  • Authorization: Free Use
  • Description: These data measure protein consumption in twenty-five European countries for nine food groups. It is possible to use multivariate methods to determine whether there are groupings of countries and whether meat consumption is related to that of other foods.
  • Number of Cases 25
  • Variable Names:
    1. Country: Country name
    2. RdMeat: Red meat
    3. WhMeat: White meat
    4. Eggs: Eggs
    5. Milk: Milk
    6. Fish: Fish
    7. Cereal: Cereals
    8. Starch: Starchy foods
    9. Nuts: Pulses, nuts, and oil-seeds
    10. Fr&Veg: Fruits and vegetables

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