Method: ANCOVA

Methods: Correlation, Regression, Transformation, Outlier, ANCOVA,
Topics: Nature, Geography,
Datafile Name: Acorns

Fifty species of oak trees grow in the United States. Twenty eight species of oak from the Atlantic region and 11 from the California region were studied. The size of each species' acorns was measured to see whether acorn size is related to geographic range. It is suggested that a plant's...

Methods: ANCOVA, Distribution, Interaction, Transformation,
Topics: Economics,
Datafile Name: Billionaires 92

Fortune magazine publishes a list of the world's billionaires each year. The 1992 list includes 233 individuals. Their wealth, age, and geographic location (Asia, Europe, Middle East, United States, and Other) are reported.

The variable 'wealth' is right skewed, so the mean ...

Methods: ANCOVA, ANOVA, Transformation,
Topics: Engineering, Health,
Datafile Name: Crash

Stock automobiles containing dummies in the driver and front passenger seats crashed into a wall at 35 miles per hour. National Transportation Safety Board officials collected information how the crash affected the dummies. The injury variables describe the extent of head injuries, chest decelera...

Methods: ANCOVA, ANOVA, Scatterplot,
Topics: Economics, Education,
Datafile Name: Educational Spending

Average salary paid to teachers and expenditures per pupil are two commonly used measures of the amount of money spent on education. Data on these two measures are provided by state, and states are classified by region of the country. The two measures have slightly skewed distributions, and Alask...

Methods: ANCOVA, Transformation,
Topics: Economics,
Datafile Name: Companies

This dataset holds several facts about 77 companies selected from the Forbes 500 list for 1986. This is a 1/10 systematic sample from the alphabetical list of companies. The Forbes 500 includes all companies in the top 500 on any of the criteria, and thus has almost 800 companies in the list. Com...

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