Method: Correlation

Methods: Correlation, Regression, Transformation, Outlier, ANCOVA,
Topics: Nature, Geography,
Datafile Name: Acorns

Fifty species of oak trees grow in the United States. Twenty eight species of oak from the Atlantic region and 11 from the California region were studied. The size of each species' acorns was measured to see whether acorn size is related to geographic range. It is suggested that a plant's...

Methods: Scatterplot, Regression, Correlation,
Topics: Health,
Datafile Name: Age and Height

The height of a child is not stable but increases over time. Since the pattern of growth varies from child to child, one way to understand the general growth pattern is by using the average of several children's heights, as presented in this data set. The scatterplot of height versus age is a...

Methods: Correlation, Dummy Variable, Outlier, Regression, Scatterplot,
Topics: Consumer, Health,
Datafile Name: Alcohol and Tobacco

Data from a British government survey of household spending may be used to examine the relationship between household spending on tobacco products and alcholic beverages. A scatterplot of spending on alcohol vs. spending on tobacco in the 11 regions of Great Britain shows an overall positive line...

Methods: Correlation, Regression, Scatterplot,
Topics: Health, Psychology,
Datafile Name: Brain size

Are the size and weight of your brain indicators of your mental capacity? In this study by Willerman et al. (1991) the researchers use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to determine the brain size of the subjects. The researchers take into account gender and body size to draw conclusions about the...

Methods: Boxplot, Correlation, Scatterplot, Smoothing,
Topics: Government,
Datafile Name: Draft Lottery

In 1970, Congress instituted a random selection process for the military draft. All 366 possible birth dates were placed in plastic capsules in a rotating drum and were selected one by one. The first date drawn from the drum received draft number one and eligible men born on that date were drafte...

Methods: Correlation, Diagnostics, Paired T-Test, Regression, Transformation,
Topics: Consumer, Economics,
Datafile Name: Fish Prices

The price of fish varies by species and time. The average price recieved by fishermen and vessel owners for several species of fish increased from 41 cents per pound in 1970 to $1.10 per pound in 1980. A paired t-test shows that this increase is highly significant.

There is a strong cor...

Methods: Correlation,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: Home Runs

What is the relationship between the number of home runs that a major league baseball team hits and its team batting average? On one hand, we might expect better hitting teams to have both more home runs and higher batting averages. For individual players this is true: The correlation is about r ...

Methods: Correlation, Regression, Scatterplot,
Topics: Health, Medical,
Datafile Name: Smoking and Cancer

Government statisticians in England conducted a study of the relationship between smoking and lung cancer. The data concern 25 occupational groups and are condensed from data on thousands of individual men. The explanatory variable is the number of cigarettes smoked per day by men in each occupat...

Methods: Collinearity, Correlation, Causation, Lurking Variable, Regression,
Topics: Social Science,
Datafile Name: US Crime

These data are crime-related and demographic statistics for 47 US states in 1960. The data were collected from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report and other government agencies to determine how the dependent variable crime rate (R) depends on the other variables measured in the ...

Methods: Diagnostics, Correlation, Regression,
Topics: Psychology,
Datafile Name: Crawling

This study investigated whether babies take longer to learn to crawl in cold months when they are often bundled in clothes that restrict their movement, than in warmer months. The study sought an association between babies' first crawling age and the average temperature during the month they ...

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