Method: Experimental Design

Methods: Nested Model, Interaction, Experimental Design,
Topics: Medical,
Datafile Name: Heart Valves

Artificial heart valves were tested in a mechanical apparatus which measured and controlled the pulse rate and the blood pressure of the heart. The purpose of the experiment was to determine the best valve type of the four studied. The maximum flow gradient (in mm Hg) is the dependent variable fo...

Methods: Experimental Design, Nested Model, General Linear Model, Dotplot, Boxplot,
Topics: Biology,
Datafile Name: Eggs

A single can of dried eggs was stirred well. Samples were drawn and a pair of samples (claimed to be of two "types"), was sent to each of six commercial laboratories to be analyzed for fat content. Each laboratory assigned two technicians, who each analyzed both "types". Since...

Methods: ANOVA, Experimental Design, Paired T-Test, Repeated Measures,
Topics: Biology,
Datafile Name: Termites

The bark of some tropical trees seems to offer protection from termites. If this protection could be harnessed, the trees that produce the resin might become a valuable resource. Experimentors investigated the effects of these tree resins on termites. The resin dissolved in a solvent and placed o...

Methods: Experimental Design, T-test,
Topics: Education, Psychology,
Datafile Name: Scents

Can pleasant aromas help a student learn better? Hirsch and Johnston, of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, believe that the presence of a floral scent can improve a person's learning ability in certain situations. In their experiment, 22 people worked through a set of t...

Methods: ANOVA, Experimental Design,
Topics: Health,
Datafile Name: Stepping

Students at The Ohio State University conducted an experiment to explore the effect of two factors, step height and rate of stepping, on the subject's heart rate. They tested the effects of two different step heights crossed with three different stepping speeds, for a total of 6 different tre...

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