Method: ANOVA

Methods: Boxplot, ANOVA,
Topics: Automotive, Consumer, Energy, Engineering, Environment,
Datafile Name: Auto Pollution Filter Noise

The data are from a statement by Texaco, Inc. to the Air and Water Pollution Subcommittee of the Senate Public Works Committee on June 26, 1973. Mr. John McKinley, President of Texaco, cited the Octel filter, developed by Associated Octel Company as effective in reducing pollution. However, quest...

Methods: Pooled T-Test, Two Sample T-Test, ANOVA,
Topics: Health, Medical,
Datafile Name: Calcium

Does increasing calcium intake reduce blood pressure? Observational studies suggest that there is a link, and that it is strongest in African-American men. Twenty-one African-American men participated in an experiment to test this hypothesis. Ten of the men took a calcium supplement for 12 weeks ...

Methods: ANOVA, Boxplot, Transformation,
Topics: Medical,
Datafile Name: Cancer Survival

Patients with advanced cancers of the stomach, bronchus, colon, ovary or breast were treated with ascorbate. The purpose of the study was to determine if patient survival differed with respect to the organ affected by the cancer.

A one-way ANOVA with Organ as the discrete factor and Sur...

Methods: ANOVA, Boxplot, Histogram, Median, Transformation,
Topics: Nutrition,
Datafile Name: Calories

"Let the buyer beware" is a phrase that comes to mind when buying a used car, not when buying food. However, Allison, Heshka, Sepulveda, and Heymsfield (1993) think that this phrase should apply to purchasing "diet" and "health" foods as well. They purchased 40 such ...

Methods: ANCOVA, ANOVA, Transformation,
Topics: Engineering, Health,
Datafile Name: Crash

Stock automobiles containing dummies in the driver and front passenger seats crashed into a wall at 35 miles per hour. National Transportation Safety Board officials collected information how the crash affected the dummies. The injury variables describe the extent of head injuries, chest decelera...

Methods: ANOVA, Boxplot,
Topics: Environment, Nature, Biology,
Datafile Name: Cuckoo Egg Lengths

That cuckoo eggs were peculiar to the locality where found was already known in 1892. A study by E.B. Chance in 1940 called The Truth About the Cuckoo demonstrated that cuckoos return year after year to the same territory and lay their eggs in the nests of a particular host species. Further, cuck...

Methods: ANCOVA, ANOVA, Scatterplot,
Topics: Economics, Education,
Datafile Name: Educational Spending

Average salary paid to teachers and expenditures per pupil are two commonly used measures of the amount of money spent on education. Data on these two measures are provided by state, and states are classified by region of the country. The two measures have slightly skewed distributions, and Alask...

Methods: Regression, Interaction, Dummy Variable, ANOVA,
Topics: Consumer, Food,
Datafile Name: Taste Test Scores

Two-way analysis of variance with two levels of each classification can be easily handled by regression analysis with dummy (0,1) variables for the two levels. The example involves food taste scores in an experiment in which a coarse and fine screen for texture and a high and low liquid level wer...

Methods: ANOVA, Boxplot,
Topics: Health,
Datafile Name: Hearing

Hearing aids must be fit individually. A common way to test whether a particular hearing aid is right for a patient is to play a tape on which 25 words are pronounced clearly but at low volume, and ask the patient to repeat the words as heard. Different lists are available that are supposed to be...

Methods: Probability, Independence, ANOVA,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: World Series

The World Series of baseball in the United States is a best-of-seven series. Therefore, the first team to win four games is the victor. To try to make the series fair, the first two games are played at one team's home park, the next three games are played at the other team's park (just tw...

Methods: ANOVA,
Topics: Food, Nutrition, Science,
Datafile Name: Hot Dogs

People who are concerned about their health may prefer hot dogs that are low in salt and calories. The "Hot dogs" datafile contains data on the sodium and calories contained in each of 54 major hot dog brands. The hot dogs are classified by type: beef, poultry, and meat (mostly pork and...

Methods: ANOVA,
Topics: Consumer, Psychology,
Datafile Name: Magazine Ads Readability

Six magazine advertisements were randomly selected from each of three magazines selected from magazines grouped into three classes according to educational level of their readers. For each advertisement selected the number of words of advertising copy, the number of sentences in the advertising c...

Methods: ANOVA,
Topics: Education,
Datafile Name: Reading Test Scores

Researchers at Purdue University conducted an experiment to compare three methods of teaching reading. Students were randomly assigned to one of the three teaching methods, and their reading comprehension was tested before and after they received the instruction. Several different measures of rea...

Methods: ANOVA, Experimental Design, Paired T-Test, Repeated Measures,
Topics: Biology,
Datafile Name: Termites

The bark of some tropical trees seems to offer protection from termites. If this protection could be harnessed, the trees that produce the resin might become a valuable resource. Experimentors investigated the effects of these tree resins on termites. The resin dissolved in a solvent and placed o...

Methods: Pooled T-Test, ANOVA, Boxplot,
Topics: Psychology,
Datafile Name: Singers

Each singer in the NY Choral Society in 1979 self-reported his or her height to the nearest inch. Their voice parts in order from highest pitch to lowest pitch are Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. The first two are typically sung by female voices and the last two by male voices.

One can exam...

Methods: Boxplot, T-test, ANOVA,
Topics: Physics,
Datafile Name: Michelson

In 1879, A. A. Michelson made 100 determinations of the velocity of light in air using a modification of a method proposed by the French physicist Foucault. These measurements were grouped into five trials of 20 measurements each. The numbers are in km/sec, and have had 299,000 subtracted from th...

Methods: ANOVA, Experimental Design,
Topics: Health,
Datafile Name: Stepping

Students at The Ohio State University conducted an experiment to explore the effect of two factors, step height and rate of stepping, on the subject's heart rate. They tested the effects of two different step heights crossed with three different stepping speeds, for a total of 6 different tre...

Methods: Outlier, T-test, Mann Whitney U Test, ANOVA,
Topics: Economics,
Datafile Name: Waste Run-up

The Mann-Whitney test is available when the normal assumption underlying the Student t-test is in question. are outliers in the data. The data on weekly run-up (or waste percent) for five suppliers of the Levi-Strauss clothing plant in Albuquerque provides an example. Presence of outliers violate...

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