Method: Median

Methods: Outlier, Histogram, Mean, Median, Boxplot, Distribution,
Topics: Economics,
Datafile Name: CEO Salaries

Forbes magazine published data on the best small firms in 1993. These were firms with annual sales of more than five and less than $350 million. Firms were ranked by five-year average return on investment. The data extracted are the age and annual salary of the chief executive officer for the fir...

Methods: ANOVA, Boxplot, Histogram, Median, Transformation,
Topics: Nutrition,
Datafile Name: Calories

"Let the buyer beware" is a phrase that comes to mind when buying a used car, not when buying food. However, Allison, Heshka, Sepulveda, and Heymsfield (1993) think that this phrase should apply to purchasing "diet" and "health" foods as well. They purchased 40 such ...

Methods: Outlier, Summary Statistics, Mean, Median, Histogram, Boxplot,
Topics: Miscellaneous,
Datafile Name: Distribution Patterns

This "story" illustrates some of the different distribution patterns that variables may take on. The distribution of Tobin's Q-ratios for firms shows high positive skewness. Sometimes this can be 'remedied' by taking the logarithms of the data. Try this for the Q-ratios. Oth...

Methods: Median, Efficiency, Summary Statistics,
Topics: Social Science, Sociology,
Datafile Name: Rain Forest

Between September 15, 1986 and October 18, 1987 two researchers recorded when each resident of the Gwaimasi village (in a rain forest of New Guinea) left and returned to the village. Upon their return from a hunting trip, the amount of edible food of various types captured by each resident was re...

Methods: Histogram, Mean, Median, Outlier,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: Crews

The dataset contains the weights in stones and pounds of the crews participating in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race in 1992. The weights have been converted to pounds for convenience.

Figure 1 is a histogram of weights for the crews in the 1992 Cambridge vs. Oxford boat race. The two...

Methods: Distribution, Median, Probability, Histogram,
Topics: Automotive, Engineering,
Datafile Name: U.S. Vehicle Weights, '75-'90

Frequency distributions are given for the weights of cars, trucks, and light duty vehicles sold in the United States in 1975 and in 1990. The class intervals are not the same through the entire listing, however. This creates problems in plot- ting frequency polygons. These will be a correct inter...

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