Method: Paired T-Test

Methods: Paired T-Test, T-test,
Topics: Famous Datasets, Miscellaneous,
Datafile Name: Difference Tests

Four sets of data are presented. The first is measures of tire wear by two methods, the so-called weight method and the groove method. The second is Gosset's famous example of corn yield from split plots of regular and kiln dried seed. The third set is waiting times between eruptions of Old F...

Methods: Correlation, Diagnostics, Paired T-Test, Regression, Transformation,
Topics: Consumer, Economics,
Datafile Name: Fish Prices

The price of fish varies by species and time. The average price recieved by fishermen and vessel owners for several species of fish increased from 41 cents per pound in 1970 to $1.10 per pound in 1980. A paired t-test shows that this increase is highly significant.

There is a strong cor...

Methods: Histogram, Paired T-Test,
Topics: Psychology,
Datafile Name: Friday the 13th

Is Friday the 13th an unusually unlucky day, or is this just superstition? How do superstitions affect people's behavior? These questions were addressed by researchers Scanlon, et al. (1993) in a study that examined the relationship between behavior and superstition in the United Kingdom. The...

Methods: Outlier, Paired T-Test,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: Helium football

Two identical footballs, one air-filled and one helium-filled, were used outdoors on a windless day at The Ohio State University's athletic complex. The kicker was a novice punter and was not informed which football contained the helium. Each football was kicked 39 times. The kicker changed f...

Methods: ANOVA, Experimental Design, Paired T-Test, Repeated Measures,
Topics: Biology,
Datafile Name: Termites

The bark of some tropical trees seems to offer protection from termites. If this protection could be harnessed, the trees that produce the resin might become a valuable resource. Experimentors investigated the effects of these tree resins on termites. The resin dissolved in a solvent and placed o...

Methods: Paired T-Test, T-test,
Topics: Biology,
Datafile Name: Student t-distribution

Charles Darwin (1809-1882), author of The Origin of Species (1859) later investi-
gated the effect of cross-fertilization on the size of plants. Pairs of plants, one cross- 
and one self-fertilized at the same time and whose parents were grown from the same
seed, were pl...

Methods: Boxplot, Paired T-Test,
Topics: Sociology, Economics,
Datafile Name: Labor Force

This dataset contains the labor force participation rate (LFPR) of women in 19 cities in the United States in each of two years (1968 and 1972). The data help to measure the growing presence of women in the labor force over this period.

It may seem reasonable to compare LFPR rates in th...

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