Method: Polynomial Regression

Methods: Regression, Polynomial Regression, Residuals, Interaction,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: Great Pitchers

The linear regression of hits, control, and clutch measures on the earned run averages (ERA) of leading baseball pitchers of the 1920-1950 era accounts for 96.7 percent of the variation on ERA's. However, a check of the residuals against the predictor variables finds a non-linearity with resp...

Methods: Outlier, Regression, Polynomial Regression, Scatterplot,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: Hitters 1920 -1950
Abstract: In 1954 Branch Rickey wrote an article for Life Magazine entitled Goodbye to some old baseball ideas. He criticized some traditional baseball statistics and proposed some of his own that he thought more useful. For individual hitting Rickey proposed the sum of on-base average (OBA) and ex...
Methods: Outlier, Regression, Polynomial Regression, Boxplot,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: Hitters 1920 -1950

The data set is Branch Rickey's set of outstanding hitters in baseball over the period 1920 to 1950 based on the sum of what Rickey defines as on-base- average and extra-base-power (OBA + EBP). The student should be asked to run the simple regression of EPB on OBA, as well as the second degre...

Methods: Regression, Transformation, Polynomial Regression,
Topics: Automotive, Engineering, Consumer,
Datafile Name: Passenger Car Mileage

Variation in gasoline mileage among makes and models of automobiles is influenced substantially by the weight and horsepower of the vehicles. When miles per gallon and horsepower are transformed to logarithms, the linearity of the regression is improved. A negative second order term is required t...

Methods: Outlier, Regression, Polynomial Regression, Dummy Variable,
Topics: Economics, Government,
Datafile Name: State Public Expenditures

In extending the regression of state and local per capita public expenditures to factors in addition to economic ability (see State Spending and Ability to Pay), metropolitanization is a relevant factor. A linear regression with the perce...

Methods: Regression, Polynomial Regression, Outlier, Transformation,
Topics: Economics,
Datafile Name: TV Ad Yields

The scatter diagram below suggests that the relation between advertising
yield and spending is not linear. An alternative is to fit a regression line with
a second order term, which is shown. However, the logic of the second order
regression line, which turns down within the ...

Methods: Assumptions, Regression, Regression, Partial Regression Plot, Polynomial Regression, Smoothing,
Topics: Environment, Weather,
Datafile Name: US Temperatures

The data gives the normal average January minimum temperature in degrees Fahrenheit with the latitude and longitude of 56 U.S. cities. (For each year from 1931 to 1960, the daily minimum temperatures in January were added together and divided by 31. Then, the averages for each year were averaged ...

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