Method: Principal Components

Methods: MANOVA, Multivariate Regression, Plot Matrix, Principal Components,
Topics: Archeology, Biology,
Datafile Name: Egyptian Skulls

Four measurements were made of male Egyptian skulls from five different time periods ranging from 4000 B.C. to 150 A.D. We wish to analyze the data to determine if there are any differences in the skull sizes between the time periods and if they show any changes with time. The researchers theoriz...

Methods: Cluster Analysis, Principal Components,
Topics: Economics, Europe,
Datafile Name: European Jobs

The data are the percentage employed in different industries in Europe countries during 1979. The job categories are agriculture, mining, manufacturing, power supplies, construction, service industries, finance, social and personal services, and transport and communications. It is important to no...

Methods: Cluster Analysis, Principal Components,
Topics: Europe, Health, Nutrition,
Datafile Name: Protein

These data measure protein consumption in twenty-five European countries for nine food groups. It is possible to use multivariate methods to determine whether there are groupings of countries and whether meat consumption is related to that of other foods.

A complete linkage cluster anal...

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