Method: Probability

Methods: Probability, Independence, ANOVA,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: World Series

The World Series of baseball in the United States is a best-of-seven series. Therefore, the first team to win four games is the victor. To try to make the series fair, the first two games are played at one team's home park, the next three games are played at the other team's park (just tw...

Methods: Distribution, Median, Probability, Histogram,
Topics: Automotive, Engineering,
Datafile Name: U.S. Vehicle Weights, '75-'90

Frequency distributions are given for the weights of cars, trucks, and light duty vehicles sold in the United States in 1975 and in 1990. The class intervals are not the same through the entire listing, however. This creates problems in plot- ting frequency polygons. These will be a correct inter...

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