Method: Residuals

Methods: Regression, Polynomial Regression, Residuals, Interaction,
Topics: Sports,
Datafile Name: Great Pitchers

The linear regression of hits, control, and clutch measures on the earned run averages (ERA) of leading baseball pitchers of the 1920-1950 era accounts for 96.7 percent of the variation on ERA's. However, a check of the residuals against the predictor variables finds a non-linearity with resp...

Methods: Residuals, Transformation,
Topics: Consumer, Engineering,
Datafile Name: Cars

In the United States fuel efficiency for cars is typically measured in miles driven per gallon of fuel consumed (miles per gallon, MPG). This is not true in some other parts of the world where fuel efficiency is measured as the amount of fuel consumed while travelled a fixed distance (e.g. Gallon...

Methods: Regression, Residuals, Time Series,
Topics: Economics, Consumer,
Datafile Name: Predicting Retail Sales
Abstract: The datafile contains 11 years of quarterly sales for four kinds of retail establish- ments, along with non-agricultural employment and wage and salary disbursements The task is to develop a model for predicting sales using leading values of employ- ment or wage and salary disbursements, seasonal in...
Methods: Outlier, Regression, Residuals, Interaction, Dummy Variable,
Topics: Economics, Sports,
Datafile Name: Q-back and Team Salaries

The datafile contains 1991 season leading quarterback and total team salary
for football teams in the American Football Conference (AFC) and National
Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League(NFL). Two poten-
tial influential observations (Steelers and Bears) ...

Methods: Dummy Variable, Regression, Residuals, Time Series,
Topics: Consumer, Economics,
Datafile Name: Quarterly Appliance Sales

The data presented in the datafile Quarterly Appliance Sales are suitable for developing models for predicting the four kinds of appliance sales. Three kinds of models can be developed. These are:

1. A model with appropriate quarterly indicators, a time variable, coincident and lagged v...

Methods: Outlier, Regression, Residuals, Transformation, Nonlinear Regression, Dummy Variable,
Topics: Health, Medical, Social Science,
Datafile Name: Smoking and Cancer

Nevada and the District of Columbia are outliers in the distribution of cigarette consumption (sale) per capita by states in 1960. How the most extreme observa- tion, Nevada, should be handled in the regressions of various cancer death rates on cigarette consumption, however, varies. In addition,...

Methods: Dummy Variable, Diagnostics, Interaction, Outlier, Residuals, Transformation,
Topics: Economics, Education, Government,
Datafile Name: Teacher Pay by States

The scatter diagram below shows one potential influential observation, namely Alaska, which is an outlier in terms of spending per pupil. In addition, the question can be raised whether the level and slope of an appropriate regression line would be the same for the three regions of the country. S...

Methods: Regression, Residuals, Time Series,
Topics: Government, Health,
Datafile Name: U.S. and New Mexico Highway Deaths

The graph below suggests that the New Mexico highway fatality rate is highly related to the U.S. fatality rate. Other aspects need to be considered, however. Among these are the lagged New Mexico rate and the lagged U.S. rate, and perhaps time itself. Whatever model is finally adopted, the residu...

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