Method: Two Sample T-Test

Methods: Pooled T-Test, Two Sample T-Test, ANOVA,
Topics: Health, Medical,
Datafile Name: Calcium

Does increasing calcium intake reduce blood pressure? Observational studies suggest that there is a link, and that it is strongest in African-American men. Twenty-one African-American men participated in an experiment to test this hypothesis. Ten of the men took a calcium supplement for 12 weeks ...

Methods: Two Sample T-Test, Boxplot,
Topics: Medical,
Datafile Name: Cholesterol and Smoking

A study examining the health risks of smoking measured the cholesterol levels of people who had smoked for at least 25 years and people of similar ages who had smoked for no more than 5 years and then stopped.

Methods: Two Sample T-Test, Transformation, Boxplot,
Topics: Environment,
Datafile Name: Clouds

Clouds were randomly seeded or not with silver nitrate. Rainfall amounts were recorded from the clouds. The purpose of the experiment was to determine if cloud seeding increases rainfall.

The rainfall distributions are more nearly symmetric after a log transformation. The log transforma...

Methods: Boxplot, Two Sample T-Test, Pooled T-Test, Transformation,
Topics: Psychology,
Datafile Name: Fusion Time

This dataset contains results from an experiment in visual perception using random dot sterograms, such as that shown below. Both images appear to be composed entirely of random dots. However, they are constructed so that a 3D image (of a diamond) will be seen, if the images are viewed with a ste...

Methods: Two Sample T-Test, Summary Statistics,
Topics: Education,
Datafile Name: DRP Scores

An educator conducted an experiment to test whether new directed reading activities in the classroom will help elementary school pupils improve some aspects of their reading ability. She arranged for a third grade class of 21 students to follow these activities for an 8-week period. A control cla...

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