Method: Confidence Interval

Methods: Confidence Interval, Distribution, Histogram, Outlier,
Topics: Science,
Datafile Name: Speed of Light

Simon Newcomb measured the time required for light to travel from his laboratory on the Potomac River to a mirror at the base of the Washington Monument and back, a total distance of about 7400 meters. These measurements were used to estimate the speed of light.

A histogram or dotplot o...

Methods: Chi Square Test, Transformation, Confidence Interval,
Topics: Consumer, Economics,
Datafile Name: Montanac Outlook Poll

The data contain the outcomes for two items in the Montana Economic Outlook Poll conducted in May 1992, with accompanying demographics for 209 out of 418 poll respondents. The items are whether the respondent feels his/her financial status is worse, the same, or better than a year ago, and whethe...

Methods: Regression, Dummy Variable, Confidence Interval,
Topics: Government, Miscellaneous,
Datafile Name: Parking Meter Theft

The variable CON in the datafile Parking Meter Theft represents monthly parking meter collections by the principle contractor in New York City from May 1977 to March 1981. In addition to contractor collections, the city made collections from a number of "control" meters close to City Ha...

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