• Story Name: Stepping and Heart Rates
  • Story Topics: Health,
  • Datafile Name: Stepping
  • Methods: ANOVA, Experimental Design,
  • Abstract:

    Students at The Ohio State University conducted an experiment to explore the effect of two factors, step height and rate of stepping, on the subject's heart rate. They tested the effects of two different step heights crossed with three different stepping speeds, for a total of 6 different treatment combinations. In addition, they used six different subject/experimenter combinations as blocks. They used a balanced incomplete block design as illustrated in the image below.

    These data should be analyzed using ANOVA with the following linear model:


    where MEAN is the overall mean heart rate and the error terms are independent, normally distributed with a mean of 0, and a constant variance.

  • Images:
    Stepping 1

    Stepping 2

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