• Story Name: Students' Goals
  • Story Topics: Education, Psychology,
  • Datafile Name: Popular Kids
  • Methods: Chi Square Test, Contingency Table,
  • Abstract:

    The subjects, students in grades 4-6 in selected schools in Michigan, were asked the following question:

    1. What would you most like to do at school?

    A. Make good grades.

    B. Be good at sports.

    C. Be popular.

    Demographic information was also collected for each student.

    Graphics such as bar charts and pie charts may be used to illustrate the frequency of each response to this question. Contingency tables are appropriate for evaluating whether students' goals are related to their race, gender, or other factors. Chi-square tests show that goals are related to gender and urban/suburban/rural location. Since the gender variable has two levels, a two-sample t-test can also be used to show this relationship. Goals are significantly related to school, but this association is probably due to the urban/suburban/rural factor.

  • Images:
    Student Goals

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