• Story Name: Waste Run Up
  • Story Topics: Economics,
  • Datafile Name: Waste Run-up
  • Methods: Outlier, T-test, Mann Whitney U Test, ANOVA,
  • Abstract:

    The Mann-Whitney test is available when the normal assumption underlying the Student t-test is in question. are outliers in the data. The data on weekly run-up (or waste percent) for five suppliers of the Levi-Strauss clothing plant in Albuquerque provides an example. Presence of outliers violates the assum- tions of the the t-test. Students can experiment to see the results of the two tests for pairs of suppliers. Deleting the extreme outliers for Plants 1 and 2 brings the t-test results close to the non-parametric alternative. The same outcome is true for ANOVA compared with the Kruskal-Walls rank-sum test.

  • Images:
    Waste Run Up

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