• Story Name: What Makes Kids Popular
  • Story Topics: Psychology, Social Science,
  • Datafile Name: Popular Kids
  • Methods: Mean, Summary Statistics,
  • Abstract:

    The subjects, students in grades 4-6 in selected schools in Michigan, were asked the following question:

    Which of the following would make you popular among your friends? Rank in order.

    A. Make good grades.

    B. Having lots of money.

    C. Being good at sports.

    D. Being handsome or pretty.

    Two useful summaries are mean ranks for each answer and number of students ranking each answer first. Calculating the mean rank for each factor shows that overall, students considered athletic ability to be most important for popularity, followed by looks, good grades, and money. However, when the means are calculated for girls only, looks have the highest average rank.

    A frequency breakdown shows that while sports had the highest mean rank, it was ranked first by only 35% of subjects, while 39% considered looks the most important factor.

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