• Story Name: Belmont Stakes
  • Story Topics: Sports,
  • Datafile Name: Belmont Stakes
  • Methods: Scatterplots, Smoothing,
  • Abstract:

    The Belmont Stakes horse race is the final jewel in the "Triple Crown" of horseracing. It is the oldest and the longest of the three triple crown races. The data give the winners, the length of the race (which has varied from 1.125 miles to 1.625 miles before settling down on the current 1.5 miles), the time of the winner (in seconds), the speed of the winner (in miles per hour), and the direction of the race. The direction followed the British tradition of running clockwise until 1921 when it changed to the American counter-clockwise standard.

    Questions to consider:

    Why is Speed a better variable to consider vs Year than Seconds?

    Which horse holds the record?

    Consider the change in Speed vs Year for the years in which the race was run Clockwise around the track vs the years after that when it has been run counter-clockwise. What differences do you see? Do you think the direction of the race is likely responsible for those differences?

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