• Story Name: Parking Meter Theft
  • Story Topics: Government, Miscellaneous,
  • Datafile Name: Parking Meter Theft
  • Methods: Regression, Dummy Variable, Confidence Interval,
  • Abstract:

    The variable CON in the datafile Parking Meter Theft represents monthly parking meter collections by the principle contractor in New York City from May 1977 to March 1981. In addition to contractor collections, the city made collections from a number of "control" meters close to City Hall. These are recorded under the varia- ble CITY. From May 1978 to April 1980 the contractor was Brink's. In 1983 the city presented evidence in court that Brink's employees has been stealing parking meter moneys - delivering to the city less than the total collections. The court was satisfied that theft has taken place, but the actual amount of shortage was in question. Assume that there was no theft before or after Brink's tenure and estimate the monthly short- age and its 95% confidence limits.

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