• Story Name: Educational Attainment by Age
  • Story Topics: Education,
  • Datafile Name: Education by age
  • Methods: Contingency Table, Chi Square Test,
  • Abstract:

    The dataset contains frequency counts that may be used to construct a two-way table of educational attainment by age. Students may be asked to calculate row and column totals and percents. These results may be used to answer questions such as "which age category has the highest percentage of college graduates?" (ages 35-44) and "what percent of all Americans over age 25 never went to college?" (65%). A chi-square test is appropriate for determining whether age category and educational attainment are independent.

    Bar charts provide an appropriate graphical representation of the data. For example, a bar chart comparing the percent of people in each age group who have completed college shows that younger people are more likely to have finished college than older people.

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