• Story Name: Gwaimasi Hunting Trips
  • Story Topics: Social Science, Sociology,
  • Datafile Name: Rain Forest
  • Methods: Median, Efficiency, Summary Statistics,
  • Abstract:

    Between September 15, 1986 and October 18, 1987 two researchers recorded when each resident of the Gwaimasi village (in a rain forest of New Guinea) left and returned to the village. Upon their return from a hunting trip, the amount of edible food of various types captured by each resident was recorded. If more than one person was involved in the capture, credit was split evenly. The dataset also contains information on marital status and family size.

    Some questions of interest include: how much food each resident brought to the village, how efficient each resident (almost always male) was as a spear fisherman (standardize the total catch by the number of opportunities), how much fish was captured by spear, hook, and other means.

  • Images:
    Rainforest Fishing

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