• Story Name: Taxes and Home Prices
  • Story Topics: Economics, Government, Consumer,
  • Datafile Name: Home Prices
  • Methods: Diagnostics, Regression, Outlier, Transformation,
  • Abstract:

    How taxes change in response to changing market value of homes is a question of concern to citizens as a policy matter as well as a personal financial concern. The tax data included in the datafile Home Prices permit an examination of this question for used homes in Albuquerque in 1993. The linear relation between taxes and resale value is influenced by a few undertaxed expensive homes. In addition, the relation suffers from increasing residual error with increasing price. The student is encouraged for these reasons to transform the analysis to one of log taxes versus log price, and to comment on the progressiveness or regres- siveness of the result. 

  • Images:
    Taxes vs Resale

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