• Story Name: Montana Economic Outlook
  • Story Topics: Consumer, Economics,
  • Datafile Name: Montanac Outlook Poll
  • Methods: Chi Square Test, Transformation, Confidence Interval,
  • Abstract:

    The data contain the outcomes for two items in the Montana Economic Outlook Poll conducted in May 1992, with accompanying demographics for 209 out of 418 poll respondents. The items are whether the respondent feels his/her financial status is worse, the same, or better than a year ago, and whether the respondent views the state economic outlook as better over the next year. Respondents are classified by age, income , political orientation, and area of residence in the state. The relations between the variables can be studied by means of frequency tables and chi-square tests. Where the underlying table is 2 by 2, the two sample t-test is also available and confidence intervals can be constructed for the difference between proportions for the two samples or the overall proportion where no difference is shown.

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