• Story Name: OECD Economic Development
  • Story Topics: Economics,
  • Datafile Name: OECD Economic Development
  • Methods: Assumptions, Regression, Outlier, T-test, Boxplot, Diagnostics, Multivariate Regression,
  • Abstract:

    Data on per capita income and the percentages of the labor force employed in agriculture, industry, and service occupations for 20 Eurpoean OECD countries lend themselves to several kinds of analysis. Univariate analysis of each of the variables is interesting, and the relations between per capita income and the individual labor force variables relate to factors associated with economic devel- opment. The regressions provide an opportunity to deal with influential obser- vations, non-linearity, and transformations. The relations between per capita income and pairs of the labor force variables can also be examined.

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