• Story Name: Professors' Pay
  • Story Topics: Education, Economics,
  • Datafile Name: Faculty Salaries
  • Methods: Boxplot, Scatterplot, Outlier,
  • Abstract:

    A faculty salary study was done at The Ohio State University to compare faculty salaries with those at other universities. Data were collected from the Association of American Universities. The overall average salary for OSU was obtained by computing the weighted average of salaries at each faculty level with the weights being the proportion of faculty members in each rank. The overall average salary for each of the other 49 universities was created using the same weights OSU used.

    The dataset contains information on whether a university belongs to the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, on overall average salary, and on the average full, associate, and assistant professor salaries.

    Graphical displays that are helpful towards making comparisions across groups include boxplots and dotplots. They show that full professors earn the highest salaries followed by associate and assistant professors; yet there is much overlap. Scatterplots are also helpful to see if those universities that pay full professors high salaries also pay associate and assistant professors high salaries.

    Note that Yale, Princeton and Harvard have influential observations in the full versus associate professor scatterplot.

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    Faculty Salary

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