• Story Name: Resins Rid Termites from Trees
  • Story Topics: Biology,
  • Datafile Name: Termites
  • Methods: ANOVA, Experimental Design, Paired T-Test, Repeated Measures,
  • Abstract:

    The bark of some tropical trees seems to offer protection from termites. If this protection could be harnessed, the trees that produce the resin might become a valuable resource. Experimentors investigated the effects of these tree resins on termites. The resin dissolved in a solvent and placed on filter paper in different doses (5mg and 10mg). For each dosage level, eight dishes are set up with 25 termites in each dish. The termites are fed the dosed filter paper and a daily count is made of the number of termites surviving. Fifteen (15) days were observed, but no observations were made on days 3 and 9 because they were Sundays.

    The experiment can be analyzed as a Repeated Measures ANOVA with one factor. The responses are all 15 of the days (except 3 and 9) and the factor is "dose." We are interested in both a general main effect over time and a difference between the two doses over time.

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