Subject: Agriculture

Datafile Subject:Agriculture, Economics, Consumer,
Story names:Agricultural Economics Studies,
Description: Price and consumption per capita of beef and pork annually from 1925 to 1941 together with other variables relevant to an economic analysis of price and/or consumption of beef and pork over the period....
Datafile Subject:Agriculture, Consumer,
Story names:Beef Council Check-off,
Description: A dollar a head promotion checkoff for cattle growers supports the advertising campaigns of the American Beef Council. Their current TV campaign features a voice-over by the actor, Robert Mitchum, using the theme "Beef - its what's for dinner." The Missoulian reported the percent of growers voting ...
Datafile Subject:Agriculture,
Story names:
Description: This is a study of uniform spraying of celery and the amount of parathion residue. 11 plots of land were sprayed with 3 samples within each plot that were chopped and mixed. Within those 3 samples, there were subsamples or replications. Parathion residue on celery is of the form y = 100(ppm - 0.7...
Datafile Subject:Agriculture,
Story names:Resins Rid Termites from Trees,
Description: The data collected here are from an experiment to investigate the effects of certain tree resins on termites. A resin derived from the bark of tropical trees is dissolved in a solvent and placed on filter paper in different concentrations (5mg and 10mg). For each dosage level, eight dishes are set u...

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