Subject: Europe

Datafile Subject:Economics, Europe,
Story names:European Jobs,
Description: The data are the percentage employed in different industries in Europe countries during 1979. Multivariate techniques, such as cluster analysis and principal components analysis, may be used to examine which countries have similar employment patterns. ...
Datafile Subject:Government, Economics, Europe, Finance,
Story names:OECD Economic Development, U.S. Economic Development,
Description: Data are presented on the per capita income of 20 European OECD countries for 1960. Also presented are the percentages of the labor force employed in agriculture, industry, and services for each country...
Datafile Subject:Europe, Health, Nutrition,
Story names:Protein Consumption in Europe,
Description: These data measure protein consumption in twenty-five European countries for nine food groups. It is possible to use multivariate methods to determine whether there are groupings of countries and whether meat consumption is related to that of other foods. ...

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