Subject: Famous Datasets

Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets, Physics, Science,
Story names:Density of the Earth,
Description: Dataset contains 29 measurements of the density of the earth, obtained by Henry Cavendish in 1798 using a torsion balance. Density is presented as a multiple of the density of water....
Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets, Miscellaneous,
Story names:Difference Tests,
Description: Two sets of data present situations in which a test for difference between means of independent samples is appropriate and two others present situations where a test of mean paired difference is called for. In the case of treadwear measures of tires each tire was subject to measurement by two met...
Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets,
Story names:Chest sizes of Militiamen,
Description: Chest measurements of 5738 Scottish Militiamen. ...
Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets, Science,
Story names:Estimating the Speed of Light,
Description: Simon Newcomb measured the time required for light to travel from his laboratory on the Potomac River to a mirror at the base of the Washington Monument and back, a total distance of about 7400 meters. These measurements were used to estimate the speed of light. The datafile contains the estimated...
Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets,
Story names:Student t-distribution,
Description: A dataset given as an example in Gosset's 1908 paper on "The Probable Error of a Mean," which introduced a form of what later became known as Student's t-distribution....
Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets,
Story names:
Description: Facts about those aboard Titanic...

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