Subject: Finance

Datafile Subject:Finance, Economics,
Story names:CEO Salaries,
Description: Small companies were defined as those with annual sales greater than five and less than $350 million. Companies were ranked according to 5-year average return on investment. This data covers the first 60 ranked firms....
Datafile Subject:Finance, Education,
Story names:Professors' Pay,
Description: Average salaries for professors at the top 50 universities of the Association of American Universities. Salaries of full, associate and assistant professors at these universities are provided. 1992-1993 data from Clark University are not available; 1991-1992 salaries were substituted. * Note th...
Datafile Subject:Government, Economics, Consumer, Finance,
Story names:Albuquerque Home Prices, Taxes and Home Prices,
Description: The data are a random sample of records of resales of homes from Feb 15 to Apr 30, 1993 from the files maintained by the Albuquerque Board of Realtors. This type of data is collected by multiple listing agencies in many cities and is used by realtors as an information base....
Datafile Subject:Economics, Finance, Consumer,
Story names:Montana Economic Outlook,
Description: The Montana poll asked a random sample of Montana residents whether their personal financial status was the worse, the same, or better than a year ago, and whether they thought the state economic outlook was better over the next year. This file contains these items and accompanying demographics abou...
Datafile Subject:Government, Economics, Europe, Finance,
Story names:OECD Economic Development, U.S. Economic Development,
Description: Data are presented on the per capita income of 20 European OECD countries for 1960. Also presented are the percentages of the labor force employed in agriculture, industry, and services for each country...
Datafile Subject:Finance, Consumer, Economics,
Story names:Refusals in Mortgage Lending,
Description: Acorn is the acronym for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. The data presented to the Committee by Acorn concerned refusal rates in mortgage lending by 20 banks in major cities....
Datafile Subject:Government, Economics, Finance,
Story names:State Spending and Ability to Pay, State Public Expenditures,
Description: Per capita state and local public expenditures and associated state demographic and economic characteristics, 1960. ...

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