Subject: Food

Datafile Subject:Food, Health,
Story names:Healthy Breakfast, Breakfast Cereals ,
Description: Data on several variable of different brands of cereal.

A value of -1 for nutrients indicates a missing observation....

Datafile Subject:Food, Science,
Story names:Cheddar Cheese Taste,
Description: As cheese ages, various chemical processes take place that determine the taste of the final product. This dataset contains concentrations of various chemicals in 30 samples of mature cheddar cheese, and a subjective measure of taste for each sample. The variables "Acetic" and "H2S" are the natural...
Datafile Subject:Food,
Story names:Eggs,
Description: Fat content of dried whole eggs from a single well-mixed can. Two samples drawn from a well-mixed can of dried whole eggs were analyzed in each of six laboratories by two analysts in each laboratory. Values report measured percent fat - 41.70. Bliss reports a more complete analysis....
Datafile Subject:Consumer, Food,
Story names:Fish Prices,
Description: Prices in cents per pound received by fishermen and vessel owners for various species of fish and shellfish in 1970 and 1980 ...
Datafile Subject:Food,
Story names:Hot Dogs,
Description: Results of a laboratory analysis of calories and sodium content of major hot dog brands. Researchers for Consumer Reports analyzed three types of hot dog: beef, poultry, and meat (mostly pork and beef, but up to 15% poultry meat). ...
Datafile Subject:Food, Consumer,
Story names:Food Taste Test,
Description: In testing food products for palatability, General Foods employed a 7-point scale from -3 (terrible to +3 (excellent) with 0 representing "average". Their standard method for testing palatability was to conduct a taste test with 50 persons - 25 men and 25 women. The experiment reported here involved...

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