Subject: Miscellaneous

Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets, Miscellaneous,
Story names:Difference Tests,
Description: Two sets of data present situations in which a test for difference between means of independent samples is appropriate and two others present situations where a test of mean paired difference is called for. In the case of treadwear measures of tires each tire was subject to measurement by two met...
Datafile Subject:Miscellaneous,
Story names:Distribution Patterns,
Description: Four variables have been selected which have different distribution patterns....
Datafile Subject:Miscellaneous,
Story names:
Description: State, Town, and Household in a nested model...
Datafile Subject:Government, Miscellaneous,
Story names:Parking Meter Theft,
Description: In May, 1978, Brink's Inc. was awarded a contract to collect coins from some 70,000 parking meters in New York City for delivery to the City Department of Finance. Sometime later the City became suspicious that not all of the money collected was being returned to the city. In April of 1978 five Brin...
Datafile Subject:Sports, Medical, Miscellaneous, Government,
Story names:Time Series,
Description: Four examples are included of time series observations in which an intervention, or change of circumstances, occurs at some point in the series. ...
Datafile Subject:Miscellaneous,
Story names:Transformations,
Description: Four sets of data are given in which the relationship between X and Y is not best described as linear in the original data....

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