Subject: Psychology

Datafile Subject:Health, Psychology,
Story names:When do Babies Start to Crawl,
Description: Data from a study of the age at which infants learn to crawl, and whether crawling age is related to the temperature during the month in which babies first try to crawl. The file contains summary data including the number of infants born during each month, the mean and standard deviation of their c...
Datafile Subject:Psychology,
Story names:Fusion Times for Random Dot Stereograms,
Description: Results of an experiment on the effect of prior information on the time to fuse random dot steregrams. One group (NV) was given either no information or just verbal information about the shape of the embedded object. A second group (group VV) received both verbal information and visual informatio...
Datafile Subject:Psychology, Education,
Story names:What Makes a Good Teacher,
Description: A survey of business students at nine colleges in the United States was taken to determine the instructor behaviors that the students feel are more likely to contribute to their academic success. 215 undergraduate students enrolled in business classes were asked to list the instructor classroom beha...
Datafile Subject:Consumer, Psychology,
Story names:Magazine Ads Readability,
Description: Thirty magazines were ranked by educational level of their readers. Three magazines were randomly selected from the first, second, and third ten magazines. Six advertise- ments were randomly selected from each of the nine selected magazines. The magazines were Group 1 Highest educational level: 1. S...
Datafile Subject:Psychology, Social Science,
Story names:Students' Goals, What Makes Kids Popular,
Description: Subjects were students in grades 4-6 from three school districts in Ingham and Clinton Counties, Michigan. Chase and Dummer stratified their sample, selecting students from urban, suburban, and rural school districts with approximately 1/3 of their sample coming from each district. Students indicate...
Datafile Subject:Psychology,
Story names:Scents and Learning,
Description: Data on the time subjects required to complete a pencil and paper maze when they were smelling a floral scent and when they were not. ...

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