Subject: Science

Datafile Subject:Health, Medical, Science,
Story names:
Description: Physical measurements of men...
Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets, Physics, Science,
Story names:Density of the Earth,
Description: Dataset contains 29 measurements of the density of the earth, obtained by Henry Cavendish in 1798 using a torsion balance. Density is presented as a multiple of the density of water....
Datafile Subject:Food, Science,
Story names:Cheddar Cheese Taste,
Description: As cheese ages, various chemical processes take place that determine the taste of the final product. This dataset contains concentrations of various chemicals in 30 samples of mature cheddar cheese, and a subjective measure of taste for each sample. The variables "Acetic" and "H2S" are the natural...
Datafile Subject:Science, Physics,
Story names:Chromatography,
Description: Results of a study of gas chromatography, a technique which is used to detect very small amounts of a substance. Five measurements were taken for each of four specimens containing different amounts of the substance. The amount of the substance in each specimen was determined before the experiment....
Datafile Subject:Science, Space,
Story names:Hubble's Constant,
Description: In 1929 Edwin Hubble investigated the relationship between distance and radial velocity of extra-galactic nebulae (celestial objects). It was hoped that some knowledge of this relationship might give clues as to the way the universe was formed and what may happen later. His findings revolutionized ...
Datafile Subject:Archeology, Science,
Story names:Pottery,
Description: Twenty-six samples of Romano-British pottery were found at four different kiln sites in Wales, Gwent and the New Forest. The sites are Llanederyn (L), Caldicot (C), Island Thorns (I), and Ashley Rails (A). The other variables are the percentage of oxides of various metals measured by atomic absorp...
Datafile Subject:Famous Datasets, Science,
Story names:Estimating the Speed of Light,
Description: Simon Newcomb measured the time required for light to travel from his laboratory on the Potomac River to a mirror at the base of the Washington Monument and back, a total distance of about 7400 meters. These measurements were used to estimate the speed of light. The datafile contains the estimated...
Datafile Subject:Environment, Science,
Story names:
Description: Earthquakes that have caused tsunamis...

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