Subject: Biology

Datafile Subject:Biology,
Story names:Acorn Size Oak Distribution,
Description: Interest lies is the relationship between the size of the acorn and the geographic range of the oak tree species. Note that the Quercus tomentella Engelm species in the California region grows only on the Channel Islands (total area 1014 sq. km) and the island of Guadalupe (total area 265 sq...
Datafile Subject:Biology, Demography,
Story names:Birth Rates,
Description: Births per 10,000 23-year-old women in the United States from 1917-1975....
Datafile Subject:Biology, Environment, Nature,
Story names:Cuckoo Eggs in Nests of Other Birds,
Description: L.H.C. Tippett (1902-1985) was one of the pioneers in the field of statistical quality control, This data on the lengths of cuckoo eggs found in the nests of other birds (drawn from the work of O.M. Latter in 1902) is used by Tippett in his fundamental text. Cuckoos are knows to lay their eggs in th...
Datafile Subject:Archeology, Biology,
Story names:Egyptian Skull Development,
Description: Four measurements of male Egyptian skulls from 5 different time periods. Thirty skulls are measured from each time period....
Datafile Subject:Biology,
Story names:Flea Beetles,
Description: Data were collected on the genus of flea beetle Chaetocnema, which contains three species: concinna (Con), heikertingeri (Hei), and heptapotamica (Hep). Measurements were made on the width and angle of the aedeagus of each beetle. The goal of the original study was to ...
Datafile Subject:Biology,
Story names:Gompertz's Law,
Description: By using Mediterranean fruit flies, Gompertz's 1825 theory that mortality rates increase at an exponential rate as age increases is examined. (i.e. as an organism gets older, its chance of dying per unit of time increase exponentially.) 1,203,646 fruit flies comprised the population for this experim...

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