Topic: Archeology

Methods: MANOVA, Multivariate Regression, Plot Matrix, Principal Components,
Topics: Archeology, Biology,
Datafile Name: Egyptian Skulls

Four measurements were made of male Egyptian skulls from five different time periods ranging from 4000 B.C. to 150 A.D. We wish to analyze the data to determine if there are any differences in the skull sizes between the time periods and if they show any changes with time. The researchers theoriz...

Methods: Boxplot, MANOVA, Post Hoc Test,
Topics: Archeology, Science,
Datafile Name: Pottery

Samples of Romano-British pottery were taken at four sites in the United Kingdom. A chemical analysis of the pottery was performed to measure the percentage of five metal oxides present in each sample. The purpose of the analysis was to determine if different sites produced pottery with different...

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