Topic: Environment

Methods: Outlier, Transformation, Regression,
Topics: Environment,
Datafile Name: SMSA

Researchers at General Motors collected data on 60 U.S. Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSA's) in a study of whether air pollution contributes to mortality. The dependent variable for analysis is age adjusted mortality (called "Mortality"). The data include variables measu...

Methods: Boxplot, ANOVA,
Topics: Automotive, Consumer, Energy, Engineering, Environment,
Datafile Name: Auto Pollution Filter Noise

The data are from a statement by Texaco, Inc. to the Air and Water Pollution Subcommittee of the Senate Public Works Committee on June 26, 1973. Mr. John McKinley, President of Texaco, cited the Octel filter, developed by Associated Octel Company as effective in reducing pollution. However, quest...

Methods: Two Sample T-Test, Transformation, Boxplot,
Topics: Environment,
Datafile Name: Clouds

Clouds were randomly seeded or not with silver nitrate. Rainfall amounts were recorded from the clouds. The purpose of the experiment was to determine if cloud seeding increases rainfall.

The rainfall distributions are more nearly symmetric after a log transformation. The log transforma...

Methods: ANOVA, Boxplot,
Topics: Environment, Nature, Biology,
Datafile Name: Cuckoo Egg Lengths

That cuckoo eggs were peculiar to the locality where found was already known in 1892. A study by E.B. Chance in 1940 called The Truth About the Cuckoo demonstrated that cuckoos return year after year to the same territory and lay their eggs in the nests of a particular host species. Further, cuck...

Methods: Summary Statistics, T-test,
Topics: Environment,
Datafile Name: Refinery

An oil refinery northeast of San Francisco conducted a series of 31 daily measurements of the carbon monoxide levels arising from one of their stacks between April 16 and May 16, 1993. The measurements were submitted as evidence for establishing a baseline to the Bay Area Air Quality Management D...

Methods: Assumptions, Regression, Regression, Partial Regression Plot, Polynomial Regression, Smoothing,
Topics: Environment, Weather,
Datafile Name: US Temperatures

The data gives the normal average January minimum temperature in degrees Fahrenheit with the latitude and longitude of 56 U.S. cities. (For each year from 1931 to 1960, the daily minimum temperatures in January were added together and divided by 31. Then, the averages for each year were averaged ...

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