Topic: Food

Methods: Regression, Interaction,
Topics: Food, Consumer,
Datafile Name: Beef Council Check-off

Average size of farm (SIZE) and percent of farms with sales of $100,000 or more dominate the regression of percent of farmers voting yes for the American Beef Council check-off (YES) on characteristics of farms and operators by counties in Montana. In fact, there is a strong interaction of these ...

Methods: Diagnostics, Multicollinearity, Regression,
Topics: Food, Science,
Datafile Name: Cheese

As cheddar cheese matures, a variety of chemical processes take place. The taste of matured cheese is related to the concentration of several chemicals in the final product. In a study of cheddar cheese from the LaTrobe Valley of Victoria, Australia, samples of cheese were analyzed for their chem...

Methods: Regression, Interaction, Dummy Variable, ANOVA,
Topics: Consumer, Food,
Datafile Name: Taste Test Scores

Two-way analysis of variance with two levels of each classification can be easily handled by regression analysis with dummy (0,1) variables for the two levels. The example involves food taste scores in an experiment in which a coarse and fine screen for texture and a high and low liquid level wer...

Methods: ANOVA,
Topics: Food, Nutrition, Science,
Datafile Name: Hot Dogs

People who are concerned about their health may prefer hot dogs that are low in salt and calories. The "Hot dogs" datafile contains data on the sodium and calories contained in each of 54 major hot dog brands. The hot dogs are classified by type: beef, poultry, and meat (mostly pork and...

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