Topic: Nature

Methods: Correlation, Regression, Transformation, Outlier, ANCOVA,
Topics: Nature, Geography,
Datafile Name: Acorns

Fifty species of oak trees grow in the United States. Twenty eight species of oak from the Atlantic region and 11 from the California region were studied. The size of each species' acorns was measured to see whether acorn size is related to geographic range. It is suggested that a plant's...

Methods: ANOVA, Boxplot,
Topics: Environment, Nature, Biology,
Datafile Name: Cuckoo Egg Lengths

That cuckoo eggs were peculiar to the locality where found was already known in 1892. A study by E.B. Chance in 1940 called The Truth About the Cuckoo demonstrated that cuckoos return year after year to the same territory and lay their eggs in the nests of a particular host species. Further, cuck...

Methods: Boxplot, Regression,
Topics: Nature, Zoology,
Datafile Name: Wild Horses

Management of the growing mustang population on federal lands has been a controversial issue. A suggested method for controlling overpopulation is to sterilize the dominant male in each group. Eagle, Asa, and Garrott et al. (1993) conducted an experiment evaluating the effectiveness of sterilizin...

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