Topic: Physics

Methods: Distribution, Histogram, Summary Statistics,
Topics: Physics, Science,
Datafile Name: Cavendish

In 1798, Henry Cavendish estimated the density of the earth by using a torsion balance. The "Cavendish" dataset contains his 29 measurements of the density of the earth, presented as a multiple of the density of water. The average measurement is 5.42, suggesting that the density of the ...

Methods: Boxplot, T-test, ANOVA,
Topics: Physics,
Datafile Name: Michelson

In 1879, A. A. Michelson made 100 determinations of the velocity of light in air using a modification of a method proposed by the French physicist Foucault. These measurements were grouped into five trials of 20 measurements each. The numbers are in km/sec, and have had 299,000 subtracted from th...

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