Topic: Science

Methods: Diagnostics, Multicollinearity, Regression,
Topics: Food, Science,
Datafile Name: Cheese

As cheddar cheese matures, a variety of chemical processes take place. The taste of matured cheese is related to the concentration of several chemicals in the final product. In a study of cheddar cheese from the LaTrobe Valley of Victoria, Australia, samples of cheese were analyzed for their chem...

Methods: Assumptions, Regression, Diagnostics, Simple Linear Regression, Scatterplot,
Topics: Science,
Datafile Name: Chromatography

Results of a study of gas chromatography, a technique which is used to detect very small amounts of a substance. Five measurements were taken for each of four specimens containing different amounts of the substance. The amount of the substance in each specimen was determined before the experiment...

Methods: Distribution, Histogram, Summary Statistics,
Topics: Physics, Science,
Datafile Name: Cavendish

In 1798, Henry Cavendish estimated the density of the earth by using a torsion balance. The "Cavendish" dataset contains his 29 measurements of the density of the earth, presented as a multiple of the density of water. The average measurement is 5.42, suggesting that the density of the ...

Methods: Confidence Interval, Distribution, Histogram, Outlier,
Topics: Science,
Datafile Name: Speed of Light

Simon Newcomb measured the time required for light to travel from his laboratory on the Potomac River to a mirror at the base of the Washington Monument and back, a total distance of about 7400 meters. These measurements were used to estimate the speed of light.

A histogram or dotplot o...

Methods: ANOVA,
Topics: Food, Nutrition, Science,
Datafile Name: Hot Dogs

People who are concerned about their health may prefer hot dogs that are low in salt and calories. The "Hot dogs" datafile contains data on the sodium and calories contained in each of 54 major hot dog brands. The hot dogs are classified by type: beef, poultry, and meat (mostly pork and...

Methods: Boxplot, MANOVA, Post Hoc Test,
Topics: Archeology, Science,
Datafile Name: Pottery

Samples of Romano-British pottery were taken at four sites in the United Kingdom. A chemical analysis of the pottery was performed to measure the percentage of five metal oxides present in each sample. The purpose of the analysis was to determine if different sites produced pottery with different...

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